Renter's Choice has been a locally owned and operated business in the Taber area since 1995. Our staff possesses unsurpassed knowledge and experience in the field of property management to take the load off of your shoulders! 

We offer a full range of residential property management services with multiple staff members meeting the licensing requirements of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). Renter's Choice provides total care of your property at a competitive price. We are an established business with a proven system serving Lethbridge, Taber and the Surrounding Area. 



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It's that time of year again when you need to get your house winter ready!
The MUST dos:
1) Call your local ATCO Gas office and schedule a FREE Maintenance Inspection of the gas appliances in your home (furnace, hot water tank, gas stove, etc)
2) Find the valve that shuts off all water flow to your outside taps. Shut this off and then drain the lines of any extra water by opening the outside taps (close these again when no more water is running through)
3) Clean out your gutters!
4) Check caulking and weather stripping at each door and window
5) Review our DID YOU KNOW THURSDAY posts from September 15 and 22 to see the full list of recommended to dos and tips!
You can find our weekly DID YOU KNOWs by visiting our Facebook page at Renter's Choice and Management Ltd and join our Fall Maintenance Week event running October 2 to 8!