Who Are We?

Our Licensed Clerks:

    * licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)

    * handle all advertising and leasing matters, etc


Amy Breznik

Associate Broker

Text 403-635-1117

Email rc_mngt@telus.net


Nicci O'Grady

Property Manager

Text 403-635-2117

Email rc_ppy1@telus.net



Our Accounts Clerk:

    * handles all aspects of rent collection, banking and statements



Phone 403-223-3051 ext 107

Email rc_acct2@telus.net



Our Repair Clerk:

    * handles all repair/maintenance concerns



Text 403-635-1117

Email rc_ppy@telus.net


And Our Office Manager:


Mary Ann

Phone 403-223-3051 ext 102

Email rc_accts@telus.net



Our team is committed to making the process easier for both owners and tenants!




What do we do?

Tenant placement:

    * advertise your property

    * show the rental

    * process applications

    * prepare all lease documents


    * coordinate move in/out inspections

    * conduct annual inspections

    * conduct general inspections if required

Security Deposit:

    * collect and hold a full security deposit in a special trust account

Rent Collection:

    * our staff are bonded, qualified personnel who will collect & disburse your

      rental income


    * issue conditional evictions for lease violations and breaches, including unpaid rent

    * we will complete the court process, if necessary, to regain possession of a property

      and/or costs owed

Monthly Statements:

    * monthly Statements of Account are provided for your rental


    * Coordinate all repair/maintenance work


OUR COMMITTMENT: Renter's Choice does not get paid until you get rent!