“A final hello (perhaps farewell) from Vancouver…
House deal Is all done, funds received and we carry on without the worry of having a rental in another province.
The only reason we held on as long as we did was because of Amy and the great gang at RC – you made it easy for us.
We really appreciate all you did for us; particularly assisting with the ‘post-water’ rebuild.
You are indeed a rare breed Mrs. B – thanks for all your help.
All the best to your team (Nicci, MaryAnn, Jenelle) – they were all great to work with.”


“Hi Amy, I was at the house yesterday and it looks absolutely fantastic!
Thank you very much for everything you’ve done in the past year.
If I do need a property manager in the future I will be sure to contact you!”


“Hi Amy this is Nathan the Coaldale landlord.
I decided I would prefer any last minute cleaning to be done by your company.
I just want to concentrate on getting the things done in the house. Thank you!
I appreciated meeting you yesterday. So far everyone I’ve dealt with has been excellent.
You all really seem to know your stuff. Makes me confident to leave my house in Renters Choice hands.”