I have a pet. CAn i Still rent?

YES! At Renter's Choice, we LOVE pets! That’s why have taken steps to help keep housing accessible for families with pets!

The Renter’s Choice Program is an in-house program designed to encourage property owners to consider accepting tenants with domestic animals.

Finding the perfect home to rent is a challenge in itself, add a family pet to the mix and you cut out a huge portion of your suitable options. The Renter’s Choice Pet Program will take extreme pressure off of pet friendly families and individuals, by having formally pet-prohibited houses and apartment buildings change their stance.

It is the hope of Renter’s Choice & Management LTD., that this program will help to ease the gap between landlord and tenant expectations, placing more tenants and filling more rentals. It is a win-win plan for Renter’s Choice staff, for tenants, for landlords, and especially - for pets!

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