DIY Repair Option

DIY Repair Option

Our DIY Repair Option Allows You to Handle All of the Repair and Maintenace Needs at Your Rental Property

Are you a hands-on landlord looking to handle all the repair and maintenance needs at your rental property? We understand that some landlords prefer to have full control over costs and take matters into their own hands. That’s why we offer a DIY Repair Option specifically tailored to meet your needs.

At Renter’s Choice & Management, we recognize the value of empowering landlords like you to be actively involved in the upkeep of your rental property. Our DIY Repair Option provides you with the flexibility and freedom to handle repairs and maintenance tasks according to your schedule and budget.

By choosing our DIY Repair Option, you can benefit in the following ways:

Cost Control

Taking charge of repairs yourself allows you to control expenses more effectively. You no longer need to rely on external contractors or service providers, saving you valuable dollars in the process.


Our DIY Repair Option grants you the flexibility to prioritize repairs based on your preferences. You can dedicate your attention to specific areas that require immediate attention or plan your repairs around your schedule.

Learning Opportunity

Engaging in repairs and maintenance offers a unique learning experience. You can enhance your DIY skills, gain valuable knowledge about property upkeep, and develop a deeper understanding of your rental property.

Take control of your rental property’s repair and maintenance needs with our DIY Repair Option. We’re here to empower you as a hands-on landlord and ensure your rental property remains in top-notch condition.

For more information contact repairs by email or call 844-453-RENT (7368).