Pet Program

Pet Program

I Have a Pet, Can I Still Rent?

YES! At Renter’s Choice, we LOVE pets! That’s why have taken steps to help keep housing accessible for families with pets!

The Renter’s Choice Pet Program is an in-house program designed to encourage property owners to consider accepting tenants with domestic animals.

Finding the perfect home to rent is a challenge, add a family pet to the mix and you cut out a huge portion of your suitable options. The Renter’s Choice Pet Program will take extreme pressure off pet friendly families and individuals, by having formally pet-prohibited houses and apartment buildings change their stance.

It is the hope of Renter’s Choice & Management that this program will help to ease the gap between landlord and tenant expectations, placing more tenants and filling more rentals. It is a win-win plan for Renter’s Choice staff, for tenants, for landlords, and especially – for pets!

How does our Pet Program Work?

  1. Complete an application for each pet.
  2. Submit vet documents & other letters of support. Two references for pets must be provided from someone other than friends and family members. References can include landlords, neighbours, pet sitters, etc. 
  3. The more information you provide, the higher the paw rating.
  4. The higher the paw rating, the lower the monthly pet fee.

If approved, your pet will receive their very own Paw Rating certificate that is useable for any of our Pet Program participating properties!

How Can You Bump Up Your Pet’s Paw Rating?

  • Proof of Registration with Community (bonus is a letter/call from Animal Control/Bylaw)
  • Copy of Pet’s Obedience Training Certificate
  • Proof of Spay / Neuter
  • Copy of Vaccination Record
  • Proof of Microchip / Tattoo
  • Copy of Adoption Contract from Rescue or Breeder
  • Letter from your Professional Pet Walker / Groomer
  • Letter from your Poop Scoop Company
  • Letter from your Neighbour

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When searching for a property, look for this icon. It represents a pet friendly home.

Renter’s Choice pledges a monthly contribution to the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs

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